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Alaskan Brown Bear by Halle Flygare ©
Alaskan Brown Bear

I am a professional wildlife and nature photographer living in the Canadian Rockies. My interest in photography began in Sweden at a very young age. After moving to Canada in 1962 I worked for British Columbia and Alberta Forest Services and later as a Park Warden in Banff National Park. In my quest for nature in wild places I have for the last 35 years photographed the flora and fauna around the world, especially the North American Rockies, Arctic, Antarctica and Scandinavia. 

Hälle Flygare/N is a member of the Swedish Nature Photographers.

Canadian Rockies Black Bear by Halle Flygare ©
Canadian Rockies
Black Bear

Canadian Rockies Grizzly Bear


Canadian Rockies Grizzly bear and Cubs by Halle Flygare
Canadian Rockies Grizzly Bear and Cubs

Hudson Bay Polar Bear by Halle Flygare
Hudson Bay Polar Bear


Finland Brown Bear by Halle Flygare ©
Finland Brown Bear

Brown Bear Swirl by Halle Flygare ©   Polar Bear Swirl by Halle Flygare ©
Brown Bear Swirl, Alaska
Polar Bear Swirl, Svalbard



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